Photo Gallery FAQ’s

I've clicked 'Place Order' and nothing happened - or - I received a CC decline notification!

If you are using a Bermuda address then most likely the 'Region' field was not completely blank (this will automatically have included “N/A” which needs to be deleted) - or - you have used a special character such as # somewhere in the address. Also be sure to include your area code in the 'Phone' field.


I can’t get past the address page at checkout.

Make sure you are not using any special characters e.g.  #,&,/ etc. Also be sure to use the area code in your phone number e.g. 4414002140. If the option is shown at the bottom of the address page make sure to select whether you want your images to be picked up from us or delivered directly to your provided address (fees may apply). 


I am trying to build my package but I am having troubles.

You have to select an image for each size photo individually in a Package. There is an area on the left side of your screen where you can scroll through the individual photo sizes and an area to select your group shot.


I have purchased a digital download now what?

You will be emailed a direct link to your download shortly after checkout. The more files you have chosen the longer this email will take.

I have more than one child can I add both of their packages to my cart before checkout?

Yes, if you are using a direct email link simply click on the “Order Now” button for the second student and log in with the same email address as the previous.

If you were provided an online code simply click ‘Change Gallery’ at the top of the screen and navigate the next screen to your event - they are sorted by date for ease - then use the second students online code and ensure you log on with the same email that you used for the first student.


Can I filter my favorites? 

Yes! Any Images you marked by clicking the heart can be filtered at the top left or right of the screen depending what stage of the ordering process you are at.


Can I add retouching to my images?

Yes! As you add items to your cart it will say continue to options. From there you can select your preference for skin-smoothing. This process smooths out imperfections across the face, including spots and shine. It essentially applies a layer of digital makeup, evening out the overall skin by blending highlights and shadows into an overall mid-tone. Note that skin smoothing will alter your overall appearance as it is advanced digital manipulation. Skin smoothing is not recommended for primary or middle school students. 


Can I just use cash/cheque at your studio?

Sorry nope, in order to keep track of the volume of orders we receive we must have everything run through our online system. We do accept all major credit cards and debit cards in the secure online check-out. If you are having major issues please call us on 441.400.2140 we are here M-F 10am-6pm Atlantic Time.