My wife and I recently used Mark for a photo shoot on our honeymoon to Bermuda. The experience was far and away beyond what we could have imagined. He was unbelievably accommodating and friendly. The quality, creativity and professionalism really enhanced the experience as our shoot was a complete work of artistic genius from the creative poses he had us do, to the fantastic locations that he selected, many of which we never would have thought of on our own. Additionally, although he conducts business in an extremely professional and artistic way he kept it light and was very humble not taking himself or the shoot too seriously which is important to keep everyone lite and to make it all the more enjoyable which he did. It is not only the quality of the product but the way he did it, explaining all the sites that we went to or past - kind of operating as a tour guide although that is not his job - in short, just extremely cordial, accommodating, creative and professional. You can’t possibly ask for better and I am sure that although we did not have the pleasure of meeting Ally, that she operates in the same fashion. Very highly recommended!!!!!
— Scott

My fiancée and I travelled from Chicago to Bermuda in February and wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather for our engagement pictures. Coordinating the date and location was a breeze with Mark and Ally. Not being familiar with the area, they asked for what we envisioned our pictures to be and delivered 110%. They had excellent recommendations for photo locations and despite the rainy weather, their easy going yet professional demeanor made it a great experience. With their exceptional photography skills, eye for a great shot and capturing the perfect moment, I highly recommend them!
— Christa

Working with Mark & Ally was great. This was actually our second time booking an anniversary session with them. We had so much fun the summer before and loved the pictures so much that we came back for more a year later. They’re a lot of fun to work with and made us feel totally comfortable. If you’re looking for professional, down-to-earth photographers who are really exceptional at what they do, you’ll find it in Two & Quarter!
— Kristin

Two & Quarter can work some kind of Voodoo magic with a Camera.

I’m am not photogenic and very awkward (think: robot arms) - yet despite feeling very self conscious about the act of being photographed the photos turned out AMAZING.

We are definitely going to do yearly family portrait sessions with Mark and Ally.
— Stephanie

The best family photos we have taken so far. Mark and Ally are so friendly and great with children. The have a great eye for photography. Will definitely use them again on our next family trip.
— Tina

“Outstanding - better than I ever could have hoped for! Such a special keepsake from our trip.”
— adare

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— Pauli, Germany

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— Nicola, Colombia