Frequently asked questions



What if I need to reschedule my session?

Life happens, we get it, so we offer a one time penalty free reschedule for portrait sessions. Whenever possible, we kindly ask that 24 hours notice be provided should the need to reschedule arise by contacting us via email or on our emergency line.

Does Two & Quarter retain copyright to the photos?

Yes, we retain the copyright to all images and reserve the right to use them for advertising, marketing, and promotions. However, the client receives unlimited personal usage of the images. We'd be thrilled if you want to submit your wedding to a blog or magazine, we just kindly ask that you give us the heads up so we can liase with them to provide the proper image credit and files.

What if I don't want my images shared online?

If you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’ve seen our images around the interwebs. Online marketing through our website, blog, and social media is essential to the continued growth of a creative businesses. However, if you would like for your images not to be used in this capacity, there is an additional fee of 20% of your session total to allocate toward alternative marketing.

Do you have a replacement photographer should you become unavailable on the day of an event?

The benefit of a two photographer team is that should one of us become suddenly unavailable, there's still one (wo)man standing! If in the unforeseen event that neither of us are available for an event that cannot be rescheduled, then we would refer you to our talented Associate Photographers and/or do our utmost to find a replacement photographer from our island-wide network of professionals.

What is your policy on taking breaks and do you require a meal?

Keeping vendors fueled and fed is crucial to a successful shooting day for any wedding or large event! While we always keep a selection of snacks and water handy to keep us going, your contract will include one hot meal per photographer and/or assistant for weddings or events of 4+ hours. Think of it this way, if you're hungry then chances are we are too! We will plan with you and/or your co-ordinator the best time for a meal break so that we're ready to capture the action as it happens.

Do you offer videography?

Our focus is on creating still images, however we would love to refer to you some of our fantastic cinematographer colleagues!

What should I wear?  

A primary concern for most people, follow these do’s and don’ts for successful wardrobe planning! 

DO wear something that you feel most like yourself in.
DO think in terms of colours that coordinate well and compliment one another - but this doesn’t have to be too ‘matchy-matchy’ 
DO wear slightly more makeup than you might normally.
DON’T wear competing colors and patterns - paisley, polkadots, and plaid in one image can be a little overwhelming on the eyes! 
DON’T have seasonal confusion! If someone is in a summer dress and the other in a jacket and boots your images won’t feel cohesive.

How far into my pregnancy should I book my Maternity Session? 

Firstly - congratulations, what an exciting time!  
It’s never too early to reach out for a Maternity Session, but most are typically scheduled between 32 - 35 weeks. At this stage in your pregnancy, you’ve likely popped a cute bump and are still feeling pretty good. It’s also within the doctor approved travel time should you be heading to Bermuda for a Babymoon. This said, we've captured maternity sessions anywhere from first trimester early stages right to up to the actual due date! No Kidding! Ultimately, listen to your body and think of when you’re going to feel your best.  
There is no right or wrong time to capture this amazing experience into motherhood! 

I squint a lot. What can I do?

If you wear sunglasses frequently your best bet is to leave them at home on the day of your session. Your eyes will thank you if you let them naturally adjust to the light en-route to your appointment.

Do I need to organise my own transportation?

Yes. Bermuda laws governing the use of commercial vehicles prohibit us from carrying passengers.

How many Full Day Weddings do you book?

As a boutique photography studio, we accept a limited number of twelve Full Day Wedding commissions each to ensure optimal attention to each couple.
For all Full Day Wedding inquiries, we meet with each prospective couple - either in person at our studio or over the phone - to chat about your what you envision for you day. This provides the opportunity to get to know one another and to see if we all mutually ‘click’!

Do you offer packages?

For Weddings we offer two tiers of coverage, Full Day Wedding Coverage & Intimate Wedding Coverage. With both, custom packages can be created to suit the needs of each couple from our extensive list of A La Carte options. 

Do you offer engagement sessions?

We're SO glad you asked! We love Engagement Sessions. They are the ideal way for you to get a feel of how we work behind the lens, and for us to see how you interact as a couple in front of it. Because of this, an Engagement Session is included in all Full Day Wedding Coverage packages as our booking gift to you!

Can I hire just one of you for my Full Day Wedding?

We choose to work together as a husband and wife, two shooter team for all Full Day Weddings as it allows us to best capture the full narrative of your amazing day!

When Should I book my Newborn Session

Newborn and Fresh 48 Sessions are booked by due date, with the expectation that baby could arrive on either side of it. Once baby has arrived and everyone is well, we will confirm the exact date on the calendar. Typically this is within the first 10-14 days or once baby has reached their birth weight, however this can vary depending on post-birth circumstances or cultural beliefs.  
 For a Fresh 48, you’d shoot us a message once baby is here so that we can come by the hospital within the first 48 hours of birth to capture the first intimate bonding moments between you and your new baby.  
 If baby is preterm, your doctor will likely advise you when it is OK to schedule.  

Do I have to be included in my Newborn Session?

For a traditional newborn session, no. For a Fresh 48, yes!  
I promise you won’t care about whether you’re still puffy or look tired. The moments bonding with your little one will outweigh all those concerns and your images will be so worth it. However, if you’re still super uneasy about being photographed but definitely want to capture your newborn - then we’d recommend opting for a traditional session where the focus can be solely on baby alone. 

What time of day is best for my Newborn session? 

In studio Newborn Sessions are scheduled around 1030am Monday - Friday, as we find this time conducive following nighttime cluster feedings. Fresh 48 Sessions are scheduled around KEMH visiting hours within the first 48 hours of baby’s arrival. 

Do you offer a guarantee on your albums or prints?

Yes! Our Heirloom albums have a lifetime guarantee. Our canvases and prints have a one year quality guarantee.

 Do you print photos that you didn’t take? 

Yes! Our print lab is full service and we can print (almost) anything you can throw at us. 

How soon after the session are images ready?

As per our Terms & Conditions the absolute maximum turnaround time for your complete set of images is two months - though, depending on the season, it’s typically much faster! Rush Processing of 5-business days is available upon request and for an additional fee.

Do you guarantee your presence at the actual event?

Yes! Unforeseen emergencies aside and unless we have made alternate arrangements prior to your event or you have hired an associate, then either Mark or Ally (or both) will be your photographer.

Help! My kids are young, wild, and free!

And you’re worried they won’t co-operate? Not to panic! Kids wills be kids, and in our experiences giving them a few minutes to get the wiggles out works wonders for the rest of the session. We’ve photographed enough families with children of all ages and abilities to handle the situation. If the adults stay calm, cool, and positive then chances are even the most uncooperative kiddos will eventually be interested in all the exciting picture taking that’s going on. This is also a good time to mention to please be to sure to let us know about any sensitivities we should be aware of - with any member of the family - ahead of your session. 

When are lifestyle portrait sessions scheduled?

Primarily natural light portrait photographers, we love scheduling in the early morning and late afternoon for optimal light. We do work in all lighting conditions though and the best time for happy kiddos will always trump the best time for perfect light! 

Do you have experience shooting in various lighting conditions?

Definitely! Our comprehensive training and years of experience allows us to work in various lighting situations and weather conditions (seriously, we shot a wedding during a hurricane). Our kit always includes the necessary equipment for any lighting scenario.

How much do sessions cost?

Learn all about your Investment here!

Will you shoot images I found on Pinterest?

Sort of…We love Pinterest as a tool to find imagery that inspires you and encourage you look at what it is that draws you to a certain photograph. From there we can create images specific to you based on what you love. But we don’t like to re-create another image completely, it derails the focus on making portraits that tell your love story!

Do you offer holiday cards?

Yes! Browse our current design options here!

Where should I print my images?

At our Print Lab - of course! However, we do understand that overseas shipping can be cost prohibitive, in which case we always recommend using a professional print lab.

Why do associates cost less? 

It all comes down to experience. Whilst all of our associates are capable of creating stunning images they are still relatively new to the game and their cost reflects this. 

How experienced are your associates?

In order to become a TQ associate the photographer has to demonstrate an understanding of  the mechanics of photography, proper composition, exposure and transitional posing.  

Tell me about ALLURE

Our boudoir portrait series, Allure by Two & Quarter is designed to celebrate women by creating stunning imagery that encapsulates your most beautiful self.