Won’T Leave you Hanging

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service from start to finish - and are more than happy to help with suggestions on locations, time of day… whatever you need.

we’re parents, too

We totally get it. The sticky, the loud, the smells - all of it. Kids will be kids and we’re happy for that. The more comfortable your kids can feel around us the better your images are going to be. We aren’t going to be offended if your daughter has questions about the camera, or if your son needs a piggy back.

been around the world (Ay Ay ay!)

Admittedly not the whole world, but we definitely know Bermuda like the back of our hand - if you’re a visitor or recent transplant then your session will likely include plenty of local stories, history, and personal anecdotes!

not our first rodeo

With years of experience and hundreds of shoots under our belts we’ve got plenty of tricks to get laughs out of the fussiest toddlers, most sullen teens - or even dad!

Serious?…Not Serious

Trust us when we say we take our jobs very seriously. But that’s where it stops. During your shoot we’re going to have fun. The opposite of militant, our laid back approach brings out the best in all of you. Take a deep breath, let go of your morning stresses, and for the next hour let us worry about what your kids are doing!

One Stop

We are full service. At Two & Quarter we provide the photographers, the printers, and the framers. Keeping everything under one roof means that the quality and service will remain consistent through out the whole process.


These have warmed my heart completely
— Kenneally Family


What should I wear? 

A primary concern for most people, follow this easy list of do’s and don’ts for successful wardrobe planning!

DO wear something that you feel most like yourself in.
DO think in terms of colours that coordinate and compliment one another - this doesn’t have to be too ‘matchy-matchy’ though.
DO wear slightly more makeup than you might normally.
DON’T wear competing colors and patterns - paisley, polkadots, and plaid in one image can be a little overwhelming on the eyes!
DON’T have seasonal confusion! If someone is in a summer dress and the other in a jacket and boots your images won’t feel cohesive.

When are Family Sessions scheduled? 

Primarily natural light portrait photographers, we love scheduling in the early morning and late afternoon. With young kids, we recommend morning sessions or if necessary to work around nap schedules. The best time for happy kiddos will always trump the best time for perfect light!

I’m super awkward and un-photogenic - what can I do?

Nonsense, everyone is photogenic! We all feel far more awkward in front of the camera then we actually are, but we understand your apprehension. Take a deep breath, try to relax, and trust that we’ll move you through poses that are most flattering.

Help! My kids are young, wild, and free!

And you’re worried they won’t co-operate? Not to panic! Kids wills be kids, and in our experiences giving them a few minutes to get the wiggles out works wonders for the rest of the session. We’ve photographed enough families with children of all ages and abilities to handle the situation. If the adults stay calm, cool, and positive then chances are even the most uncooperative kiddos will eventually be interested in all the exciting picture taking that’s going on. This is also a good time to mention any sensitivities we should be aware of - with any member of the family - ahead of your session.