It’s also our FIVE YEAR anniversary. Where does time go? (No seriously, does anyone know!?)
Since we’re totally obsessed with our wedding video created by the insanely talented Nathan Willis Wedding Films, we like to take advantage of our celebratory day to share it.

Also - who still needs to book their wedding videographer? We’re huge fans of adding this to your photography coverage and are more than happy to refer you to some amazing local cinematographers (or give you Nathan’s cell number).

Let me ask - is anyone else as thankful for this gorgeous spring weather? Raise your hand!! Nice and high! I for one am SO over winter and everything it brought with it. Our household endured one nasty bug after the other. You know how they say when it rains it pours? Well, it’s been torrential over our roof!! Poor Two & Quarter has been sitting pretty just WAITING for the snazzy updates we have in store, week after week and so we’re SO psyched to finally 1) not have a sick toddler and 2) not have gotten sick from our sick toddler and 3) be able to send our healthy toddler to school so that our healthy selves can do some work!

I feel winter 2019 can be accurately summed up in the appropriated words of Adele….so here goes our version which is entitled, GoodBye (Winter):

Hello, its spring.

I wondering if after all these weeks we'd 

ever meet

We've caught...everything

They say sleep and meds will heal ya, but 

we ain't done much healing

Hello, are we still sick?

We've been in bed dreaming about who we

used to be

When were sniffle, and cough free

We've forgotten how it felt without Vicks rubbed

 on our feet

And it's no secret that work has 

fallen so behind!

So hello from the other side

We must've coughed a thousand times

We've had two, awful man cold and norovirus is never


When you called, we've always seemed to be home

Hello from the bedside

The baby got us sick and tired

And I tell you, what an unproductive month

But its getting better, clearly it can only get 

improve from here (ooooo, from hereeee)

In the coming weeks we’re working on a full site overhaul, blog updates and the launch of an exciting new project that I am SO excited to share. In short, we’ve been MIA. We’re back! Stay tuned….

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