More than a boudoir session, Allure is a transformative portrait series designed to celebrate women by creating stunning imagery that encapsulates your most beautiful self. As women, we really don’t give ourselves enough credit - especially where our self image is concerned. For all our successes in life we can always find something about our body that falls short. With Allure, we hope to change that. Through the art of photography, our goal is help you step out of your comfort zone and to create imagery that you love - photographs that illustrate your beauty inside and out.

Whatever makes you feel like your most perfect self, let's celebrate you for all that you are - shortfalls be damned!


Why book an Allure Session?
Why NOT book an Allure Session?! Most commonly Allure Sessions are booked to celebrate a personal milestone or as wedding/anniversary gifts for a spouse. Sometimes it's "just because", and that's good enough for us! Treat yourself!

Not being as thin/fit/young as I'd like has me nervous!
Feeling that way is totally normal - but when are we ever at the level of self perfection we hope for? Allure celebrates women of all shapes, sizes, and ages - and what's more empowering than body positivity? Don't let trepidation get in the way of a great session! 

Where is my session held?
Each Allure session is custom curated with your vision in mind. Together we can decide a location that is best suited to fit the vision of your individual session.

How long is the session?
Each luxury portrait experience allows for up to 90 minutes between prep, shooting, and outfit/location changes.

What do I wear during my session?
Whatever makes you feel most confident, proud, and comfortable. Feel free to bring up to three outfit options, and be sure each fits properly to best flatter your body type.  Ultimately, the goal is for you to leave feeling more beautiful and empowered than when you started! 

How much Photoshopping is done to my images?
Allure sessions focus on strategic posing, angles, and lighting to emphasize your best features, and to downplay those which make you feel insecure. Light editing is included, but is concentrated on minor blemishes and flaws like dark eye circles and natural inconsistencies. Should you have any scars, marks, or tattoos that you wish to be removed by all means let us know, but we won't assume to remove such features. At the end of the day our aim is to create a series of stunning images shot with intention to capture the most beautiful version of you!

Do you recommend professional hair and makeup? 
While not a requirement for a successful Allure Session, who doesn't feel like a million bucks following a hair appointment or with their makeup done by a pro? If you choose to have your hair and make-up done before your session, be sure to allot enough time so that we start our session when scheduled. 

Can I bring a friend for moral support?
Absolutely! Sometimes having your best girlfriend to cheer you on is the reassurance you need to feel your most comfortable to get you started. However, we want you to get the most out of your session so we do require that the friend not interfere with the session by directing or correcting, after all they aren't the ones looking through the camera! Even though they come with the best intentions, if we feel a friend is being a distraction we will ask them to pop out to grab a coffee while we finish the session.

Who will be present during my session?
Allure is designed For Women, By Women so the only people present will be you and me, Ally, and perhaps your friend should you choose to bring one. Spouses, children, and more than one friend are not allowed to hang out during the session - this time is for you! 

Can my friends and I do sessions on the same day? 
While we don't offer group sessions, we can certainly schedule back-to-back Allure Sessions! What a fun way to encourage each other to step out of your comfort zones and celebrate all that makes you awesome! Once each of your respective sessions begins, the same friend rules apply as far as interfering and distracting. 

Will my images be used online?
We want you to leave your session feeling empowered, not worried about who may see your images if you'd rather keep them to yourself. Because of this, we offer varying discount incentives should you allow our usage of images from your session- this can include the full collection or specific shots that you feel comfortable sharing.