What is your shooting style? We define our shooting style as an organic combination of fine art, photojournalism and documentary photography. Using primarily natural light, we aim to capture your day as it unfolds before us. 

Do you offer packages? Yes! We have four pre-made package options offering a range of coverage and albums as well as an extensive a la carte menu. Typically, we create a custom package specifically for your wedding photography needs. 

Do you have experience shooting in various lighting conditions? Definitely! Our comprehensive training and years of experience allows us to work in various lighting situations and weather conditions (seriously, we shot a wedding during a hurricane). Our kit always includes the necessary equipment for any lighting scenario.

How many photographers do you work with? Two & Quarter consists of two professional lead photographers and an associate photographer. Mark + Ally can be hired singularly or together for your event, and our packages range to include one or two photographers. A second shooter can be hired from our a la carte menu upon availability based on a client's preference or need. Each photographer hired has an assistant present at weddings to help keep everyone on track and looking their best throughout the day.

Do you guarantee your presence at the actual event? Yes! Unless we have made alternate arrangements prior to your event, or you have hired our associate, then either Mark or Ally (or both) will be your photographer. 

What if I need to reschedule? Sometimes kids get sick, so we offer a one time reschedule for family portraits. For weddings, your retainer may be carried over to a rescheduled date provided we are available. 

I'm interested in an engagement session, are these included in packages? Yes! Each of our four pre-made wedding packages include an engagement session. If we're creating a custom package we highly recommend including an engagement session! We also offer next day (trash-the-dress) and anniversary sessions.

How many shoots do you book per day? Two & Quarter will only book one shoot per photographer per day. Booked us both? We're all yours!


What is the best time of day for my session? What we refer to as 'delicious light' is about an hour after dawn and an hour before dusk. As most events tend to be in the afternoon, this means 6-730pm is ideal during summer. It is also the time of day to consider when scheduling your ceremony!

Do you have a replacement photographer should you become unavailable on the day of an event? The benefit of a two photographer team is that our availability is always increased should one of us become suddenly unavailable. Nothing has kept us from a booking yet, but if in the unforeseen event that neither of us are available then we would do our utmost to find a replacement photographer from our island-wide network of professionals. 

Do you bring back-up equipment in case of malfunction? Yes! We have a complete back-up kit should we experience any technical issues during your event.

What is your policy on taking breaks and do you require a meal? Keeping vendors fueled and fed is crucial to a successful wedding day! We always keep a selection of snacks and water handy to keep us going, but your contract will include one hot meal per photographer/assistant for weddings or events of 5+ hours. Think of it this way, if you're hungry then chances are we are too!

How soon after the event are images ready?  A sneak peek of your shoot will be posted on social media within a few days of your session, and your complete set of images will be sent out within 8-weeks of your event date. 

What if I don't want my images shared online?  If you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’ve seen our images around the interwebs. Online marketing through our website, blog, and social media is essential to the continued growth of our business. However, if you would like for your images not to be used in this capacity, there is an additional fee of 20% of your quote total to allocate toward alternative marketing.    

Does Two & Quarter retain copyright for the photos? Yes, we retain the copyright to all images and reserve the right to use them for advertising/marketing/promotions. However, the client receives a print release granting them unlimited personal usage of the images. We'd be thrilled if you want to submit your wedding to a blog or magazine, we just kindly ask that you give us a heads up so that we can provide proper image credit.                                                  

Choosing the Right Photographer

Good news- we're available! But are we a good fit? At Two & Quarter, we make a point to chat with all prospective clients before we move forward to a booking. Though your wedding day will constitute many vendors all doing their part, at the end of the day your photographs are what remain - and we get that. After you've snagged the person of your dreams, choosing the right photographer is probably the most important wedding decision you will make during your planning process. We understand what a huge responsibility you trust us with. It's an investment. This is why it is essential that both the client and photographer 'click'!

When searching for the right photographer, start by deciding whether you're looking for a fine art, photojournalistic or traditional style. Do you want images in both colour and black and white? Are you drawn to images shot with natural or artificial light? Do you want your images excessively altered in Photoshop? Part of a photographer's job is to make sure they are right for it - even if that means forgoing a client. Our style is organic; it derives from a vision, our images are created in camera with artistry created with lenses and natural light. We let a photograph be a photograph - our work is honest and real. If a prospective client is specifically looking for very posed images with artificial light and a whole lot of post production manipulation...chances are we wouldn't be a great fit. Similarly, if you love a photographer's work but can't bear to be around them, then that too wouldn't work so well. Come your wedding day, if you don't feel comfortable and relaxed it will translate in your images, and ultimately lead to disappointment. You don't have to like your vendors as much as your betrothed, but lets face it, as photographers we're privy to one of the most intimate and important days of your life - make sure you invest in a photographer who you want to be there to share it with you! 

Booking Two & Quarter

The process of hiring Two & Quarter begins with initial contact - say hello on our website, give us a call, stop by our studio…whatever gets the ball rolling. Give us the rundown of your event - the dates, location, number of guests, etc. - and we will let you know our availability and schedule a meeting. Peak wedding season in Bermuda is April through October, with popular weekends booking up to a year in advance. If you know your date, it's never too early to reach out!

Whenever possible, we like to meet with you in person to discuss your event details and your photographic needs. It's a great way for us all to get a better of idea of each other right off the bat. In cases of overseas clients who won't be on Island until wedding week, we'll arrange a time to chat over the phone or via Skype. Feeling comfortable with and trusting your photographer is vital to a successful event, and as such we make communication a priority from the start!

So, you found us and love us? We're available and we love you, too? Phew! the photographer search is over. You're ready to book - so how does it all work? To secure your date we require a signed contract and a 50% retainer deposit which we'll send along through our central booking system. You can sign your contract electronically and have the option to make credit card payments securely online. We can happily arrange for payment plans at a clients request.

Awesome- you're all set! We will be available from here on in to help with any questions you may have throughout your planning process. We will also provide you with a Wedding Information Form + Shot List to be sure we're all on the same page with your event details.