2018 Year In Review

Another fantastic year over - and if I thought that 2017 flew by in a wink being pregnant, then HO-LEEEE, I blinked and 2018 was over. Everybody tells you how fast the first year goes with a new baby, and let me tell you - they aren’t lying!

2018 was an incredible year for us personally and professionally - the crazy whirlwind that it was! We began the year with a two week old, launched an updated website with a fresh new look, and, with the addition of an online uploader feature, our Print Lab took off the ground running! 2018 also marks the first year where we weren’t either planning or in the process of a move - and we’re very glad to say that we’ll be staying put in for the foreseeable future! We’ve all settled quite well into our spacious, waterfront location and continue to love operating in St Georges!

This past year we captured some super fun families, sweet babies and bellies, and dreamy couples and gorgeous weddings. For the fourth year in a row we’re thrilled to have won a Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award, which is always a meaningful achievement having come from the kind words and support of our couples. We made a rather big change to our Full Day Wedding coverage in 2018, and are happy to say that it worked so well that we’ll be continuing offering a limited number of Full Day Weddings with the both of us capturing the big day. The win-win is that for us - we get to spend the day working together (after all these years we still aren’t sick of each other, must be love!!); and our couples get the benefit of a husband and wife, read each other’s minds, totally in-sync, two shooter pair!

Bittersweet as it is to say goodbye to a successful year, we’re looking forward to welcoming 2019 and the exciting things it has in store. Primarily, 2019 marks the official introduction of our Associate Photographer Programme! We’ve been planning this step since 2016 (and were fortunate to attend some lectures while at WPPI on building an associate programme) and are SO excited to properly welcome Ashley to the fold and re-introduce Tyler in this additional capacity. Ashley is a Bermudian studying photography at the Media College Denmark who joined our team in February last year as an intern and has made strides in building her portfolio as an associate photographer (she also keeps our studio in tip-top, zero waste, shape). Tyler, on top of managing the Print Lab, has completed a certificate programme through the New York Institute of Photography and looks forward to offering photography sessions as an associate. Mark and I are thrilled to add this layer to our business, and in doing so helping to make regular portrait sessions that much more accessible. Be sure to check back as we update our Dream Team photos and links to associate portfolios!

To close out a brilliant year, we’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to making this year great. Our wonderful clients, our friends, and of course - our family, who have provided us endless help and support as we figured out the brave new world of a proper work-life balance! We cannot wait to kick off 2019 with you all!


Christmas is coming...

And this year, that means a new addition to our family! We couldn't be happier to finally announce that we have a bouncing Baby Boy due on Christmas Eve! It's absolutely crazy just how quick the first half of my pregnancy has flown by, and with just four months left it seems as though he will be here in a blink. We found out the gender last week Tuesday, and yesterday hosted a "Sex Party" to share the news with family and friends. ALL of the signs pointed to a girl from day one - I was nauseated all day, had awful spotty skin, the Chinese calendar said so...but when it came time for the technician to have a peek there it was, clear as day, Baby Tatem is a Boy!! 

A lot of people asked what we preferred, and while we certainly knew there would be benefits to both gender, we really just wanted a healthy baby. After getting pregnant easily on our first try, I miscarried in February. It was really horrible timing - we sat in emergency on Mark's birthday receiving an abundance of virtual well wishes while the doctors confirmed that my pregnancy was no longer viable. I think the feeling of utter loss and sadness following a miscarriage is something you can't really describe unless you've experienced it. It's a sudden void of darkness where there had just been hope and excitement, and suddenly the would-have-been innocuous questions from strangers about your reproductive future feel incredibly prying and hurtful. (Repeat after me: I solemnly swear to never ask a woman who I hardly know about their baby making plans...). Needless to sat, we're very excited for a much more joyous winter in 2018! 

Very fortunately for us, our rainbow baby came soon after - and we found out on Easter that we're due just in time for Christmas. The first twelve weeks of this pregnancy were nerve wracking, just wanting to tick off one more week until I hit the second trimester "safe zone"! Of course, I also was super keen to stop feeling suuuuper sick - so for many reasons week 12 felt like an incredible milestone! While we had both naturally all but settled on the perfect girls name, we hadn't spent any real time brainstorming for either gender since we knew we were planning to find out. I'm a bit (lot) more A-Type than Mark, I was keen to start thinking on both right away, but as naming a boy would definitely be the trickier task we decided to wait and see if we would need to find the perfect XY moniker. Guess what, we do! And so the weighty responsibility of naming a human begins...

It very much seemed that the majority of folks had their money on a Team Pink, so yesterday's reveal was pretty shocking (also, there is nothing harder than NOT mentioning gender once you actually know it!). We'd ordered both pink and blue biodegradable confetti weeks in advance to fill confetti cannons. On the count of three, what will Baby Tatem be?! It was such a fun way to share our news! Thanks to Fae for capturing the reveal, and to Sonja for (as always) going above and beyond to ensure the party and decor was absolutely perfect! It was also really special to have my Grandma here, as she lives in Boston I don't see her as much as I'd like - so having both Baby Tatem's Glamma and Great-Grandma present yesterday was amazing for us :)