FAQ THURSDAYS! The Benefit of Scheduling An Engagement Session

With ENGAGEMENT SEASON officially upon us, it's the perfect time to address the age old question of engagement sessions - 'to book, or not to book'!?  We find that couples have fairly polarizing viewpoints on whether it's a worthwhile investment. Fair enough, weddings are already expensive so we can understand where this might seem like a frivolous item versus a necessity.

As photographers, we've worked with some amazing couples who we only met on the day of their wedding. A destination wedding couple is unlikely going to be make a special trip for an hour portrait, but for locals and those visiting the island ahead of the wedding we do encourage considering an engagement session when possible.  

These are our Top Tips for Booking an Engagement Session

  1. They help build confidence in front of the camera. Some people love the camera and start a shoot with little to no nervous apprehension. Great! Some people are incredibly self conscious and feel super awkward - does this sound more like you!? Have no fear, you engagement session is here! From your perspective, an engagement session is the perfect trial opportunity to see your photographer's process behind the lens. You can experience how we direct you, and any uncertainties you may feel during the shoot are explained visually through your final image set - because sometimes what feels horrible looks amazing! This means that come wedding day, you'll know going into your portraits that X posing direction means Y final images. It helps builds a level of trust that's so crucial to successful wedding portraits. You'll be able to feel more comfortable in your own skin having experienced the process once before - and this helps your photographer capture your true personality!
  2. They help your photographer in giving direction on your wedding day. Ever notice in candid snap shots that you're inclined to hunch your shoulders or tilt your head far left? We'll notice that too, but with an engagement session we're pre-prepped to direct you out of quirks and into more natural looking positions - without first having to learn what the quirks are. From your photographers perspective, an engagement session is a great trial run for us to see how you interact as a couple, and in front of the camera. This means come wedding day we already know about the little things you may be self conscious of, and can more efficiently work around it. Particularly for these first two reasons, all our pre-designed wedding packages include engagement sessions!
  3. They can work into your wedding day. Depending on far in advance you schedule your session, we can create gorgeous image filled guest books for your reception, Save-the-Dates, and framed images to display as seating charts, etc.. Built in products help avoid mad cramming to source the perfect table number signs last minute or settling on a less-than-favourite style invitation suite.
  4. They allow you to take a moment and celebrate your engagement! In the hubbub of planning and stresses that can come with weddings, don't forget why you're getting married in the first place - you've found your match and that's worth celebrating! Carve out an hour to capture you're love and enjoy being together. Your engagement session doesn't have to be formal - love boating? Let's take a cruise. Was your first date over an ice cream sundae - let's revisit that spot. This is all about what makes the two of you, 'you', so have fun with it! 

Of course, we've photographed plenty of weddings with couples who choose to forgo or were unable to schedule an engagement session - so don't despair if it's not an option for you! So long as you've hired a photographer who you trust and let yourself enjoy the process everything will run smooth as the buttercream on your cake! 

What other benefits have you experienced from an engagement session? We'd love to hear!