I'm not sure where 2017 went, but I do know that I was pregnant for pretty much all of it! It's amazing how time seems to both fly by and simultaneously stand still when you're tracking on your Bump.com app...Mums know - you ladies get it!

For us, 2017  was another fantastic year capturing amazing people - both familiar faces and new friends. We feel that the business has reached a place we've been working toward since we started in 2012, something for which we have you all to thank! One of the most amazing parts of what we do is being able to watch families grow, and to document all the milestones - especially when you're photographing such cool people as we get to!

2017 marked a move into our THIRD location, and are loving the 1850 square foot upper level space which now houses our studio & client lounge, offices, and expanded printing & framing workshop. We loved our adorable place on York Street, an old Smith's shop it was quaint and charming but unfortunately we quickly outgrew it. By March we had found and signed onto our new Water Street space with a schedule to renovate and be moved in by May 1st. It took quite a bit longer due to unexpectedly needing an entirely new ceiling and new electrics to go with it, and moved in mid-August. A lengthy delay, but oh so worth it in the end! (I can say this with far more appreciation in hindsight than I felt during my first trimester, while working in a closet sized office with no windows and wiiiiicked morning sickness). We expect to enjoy this latest space for quite some time, not only because it suits our needs so well but also because I don't think Mark or Tyler have it in then to renovate again any time soon! If you haven't been in, drop by and say hi! We look forward to having an official opening in the Spring :) 

We are THRILLED to have won a Wedding Wire 2018 Couples' Choice Award for a third year running. This award is so special to us as it's a result of the kind words shared by our couples. And as always, nothing this year would have been possible with the continued support of our amazing TQ Couples and TQ Families - as well our own ever supportive family and friends. We have some exciting updates to roll out in 2018, including a shiny new website that we're itching to launch, an exciting Referral Programme and we'll be introducing our awesome new intern! 

Our 2017 wrapped with the arrival of our son - Arlo James - just before Christmas! While past years have certainly had their share of excitement - for us personally 2017 will be a hard one to match!

It's such an honour to be able to do what we love - thank you all, and cheers to a wonderful 2018! x

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