Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Congratulations - you're engaged!!! 

After you've snagged the person of your dreams, choosing the right photographer is probably the most important wedding decision you will make during your planning process. We understand what a huge responsibility you trust us with. It's an investment. This is why it is essential that both the client and photographer 'click'! 

When searching for the right photographer, start by deciding whether you're looking for a fine art, photojournalistic, or traditional style.

  • Do you want images in both colour and black and white?
  • Are you drawn to images shot with natural or artificial light?
  • Do you want your images excessively altered in Photoshop?

Part of a photographer's job is to make sure they are right for it - even if that means forgoing a client. Our style is organic; it derives from a vision, our images are created in camera with artistry created with lenses and natural light. We let a photograph be a photograph - our work is honest and real. If a prospective client is specifically looking for very posed images with artificial light and a whole lot of post production manipulation...chances are we wouldn't be a great fit. Similarly, if you love a photographer's work but can't bear to be around them, then that too wouldn't work so well. Come your wedding day, if you don't feel comfortable and relaxed it will translate in your images, and ultimately lead to disappointment. You don't have to like your vendors as much as your betrothed, but lets face it, as photographers we're privy to one of the most intimate and important days of your life - make sure you invest in a photographer who you want to be there to share it with you! 

So good news - we're available! But are we a good fit? Let's schedule a time to meet at our studio and discuss your wedding photography needs and get to know each other. We can't wait to meet you xx