Bermuda Ballerina Project

I am SO excited to FINALLY kick off work on a project that I've been talking about for ages. (Years, seriously). A ballerina-in-training in my past life, photographing dancers is something I love to do. Hugely inspired by Dane Shitaki's "Ballerina Project" as well as the work of Rodney Smith, my own "Bermuda Ballerina Project" is finally taking shape. Most recently, I worked with Natalie, Jenn and Taylor with the main goal is photograph local dancers - showcasing their talent and our beautiful island home. When working on a fine art project, I've always loved the process, and this is no different. Using my Leica M6 and/or M9, each shoot is inspired by, and evolves with, the dancers I photograph.

If you are a local dancer in Bermuda and would like to get involved - email me at