Bermuda Portait Photographers: Oniki & Jamel's Engagement, St George's

It's always a HUGE compliment when someone in the industry trusts you with their photography, so when Oniki, an event planner based out of New Jersey, contacted us about her engagement photos we were incredibly flattered! Her Bermudian fiance, Jamel, used to work at the same government department as Ally but their respective times just missed an overlap - small world! Now that both Oniki and Jamel are living and working on the East Coast, they wanted to capture the history and charm of St George's while visiting over Christmas. Boxing Day was the only available time given both our schedules, which turned out to be perfect since the Gombeys were out in force - as per tradition! A wonderful local ad on to an already awesome session. We had an absolutely blast with you both - best wishes for your Florida wedding!


Mark + Ally