This Week's Sneak Peeks: Jan 11-15

New year, new (and improved) blog posts! This year we're starting off right and kicking our blog habits in overdrive. Every Tuesday and Thursday we will be featuring Weddings, Portraits, handy tips and tid-bits from our travel and life. Our regular social media sneak peeks will continue, and every Saturday we'll highlight what we've shared in our new "This Week's Sneak Peek" series. 

To Begin! The Turner, Graner & Haaser Families:


Turner Family

Over the holidays our Auntie Lee and Uncle Eddie flew home to spend some time with Pa, who has been in the hospital quite a lot lately. Both of them now live in Florida so its rare that all three siblings are together at home. So we thought it would be fun to capitalise on the little family reunion and get some family portraits with Sonja (aka Momma), Lee, Eddie, Ma & Pa. (Leica came along too, but she was SO not about a photoshoot that day. What a diva...)


Graner Family

Glen, Linda, Madison & Grace travel to Bermuda often, and this time wanted to capture both family as well as Madison's senior portraits. The senior portrait trend isn't nearly as popular in Bermuda as it is stateside (all in favour of boosting that!?) so it was super fun to capture this special milestone for Madison. We hope you all had a wonderful celebrating NYE in Bermuda - and best of luck to Madison for college in the fall!


Haaser Family

Chuck, Ann, Chris & John were visiting Bermuda from the Boston area over the holidays, and as a photographer himself Chuck was keen to get some family shots during their warm weather vacation. The goal was to capture quintessential Bermuda but without the beach - so we were excited to utilise some alternate locations. It was great meeting you all - we hope you had a great time in Bermuda!

Until next week...